5 Best Office Chairs For Wide Hips [2022]

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People come in all shapes and sizes and for those blessed with wide hips, you may feel cursed when it comes to finding comfortable office chairs. 

For an ergonomic fit, the chair should be at least an inch wider than the hips on both sides [1]. 

Standard chairs often don’t fit and therefore can’t be ergonomic.

Office chairs that are built for wide hips feature a spacious, extra-wide seat and a heavy-duty base to support more weight. 

After that, they come with varying features to suit different builds and needs. Some have adjustable lumbar support. Others have a high backrest. They come in both mesh and leather and have different movement functions.

Below, we will look at 5 of the best office chairs for wide hips and discuss their different features. Afterwards, you will be equipped to make an educated choice on what chair is best for you.

Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb – Top Pick


  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Extra-wide seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Heavy-duty metal base
  • Easy assembly
  • Breathable
  • Warranty


  • May not be suitable for short people
  • Seat padding may be too thin for some users

Our top pick combines an extra-wide seat with breathable mesh and an extremely high weight capacity. Its sturdy, all-metal base can hold up to 500 pounds and easily swivels for maximum efficiency. 

People who get hot easily will love the breathable mesh back that has adjustable lumbar support for comfortable, healthy posture.

With an impressive seat width of 27.4 inches and seat depth of 24.4 inches, this chair can accommodate the largest hips with room to spare. 

The fabric-covered cushion is durable and holds its shape after long days of use, although some users found it to be too thin. Depending on your preference, an extra cushion may be necessary.

Buyers will love the easy assembly of this chair. It only takes about 15-20 minutes until you can enjoy the luxurious space.

This chair may not be best for very short users due to the base design. However, its wide and deep seat make it a great choice for those who need a lot of room.

There is a warranty, but the details aren’t listed in the product description.

La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair – Premium Pick


  • Attractive leather upholstery and stained wood
  • Adjustable height, recline, and tilt
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Padded armrests
  • Ergonomic design
  • Seat is 21.75 inches wide
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Lower weight limit
  • Leather isn’t very breathable 
  • No adjustable lumbar support
  • Wood surface can chip over time
  • Expensive

Made by a well-known, established company, the Delano chair brings comfort and class to your workspace. With bonded leather upholstery and stained wood, your office will immediately give off the air of a high-powered executive. 

The high back is wonderful for relieving neck tension, and the ComfortCore memory foam cushion found in both the backrest and seat gives all-day comfort and support. It is specially designed to naturally conform to your body’s curves and relieve pressure points. For those who spend long hours in their chair, the Delano may support your body’s alignment and reduce chronic soreness.

Most importantly, the seat is a generous 21.75 inches wide to provide plenty of room for comfort and movement. The ergonomic waterfall design helps prevent leg discomfort and encourages healthy circulation.

Keep in mind that this chair doesn’t have an adjustable lumbar support or the Pivoting AIR Lumbar Support system that is in other La-Z-Boy chairs.

The wooden parts of this chair have a sturdy plywood core that is very durable. However, it is possible for the surface to chip with extended use.

With a weight limit of 350 pounds, this chair isn’t suitable for extremely heavy people.

Every La-Z-Boy product comes with a warranty, but the details vary between models. You will have to check the specifications for the chair you want.

Big and Tall Office Chair 400lb – Best Budget Buy


  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Extra-thick seat cushion
  • Commercial-grade parts
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Mesh backrest
  • Easy assembly


  • Doesn’t recline
  • No warranty
  • Affordable

Buyers on a budget can rejoice that it’s possible to get an affordable chair that is specifically designed for their needs. At just over $100, you won’t have to choose between a good chair and your rent.

A heavy-duty metal base holds up to 400 pounds and has a 360-degree swivel. 

Even after a long day, you will stay cool and fresh in this chair with the mesh back. The adjustable lumbar support provides the ideal amount of comfort for your lower back and supports a healthy spinal position. With six different settings, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

A nice bonus feature is the massage function in the lumbar support to relax you even more.

Although the chair doesn’t have a reclining function, it has a rocking mode that moves from 90-120 degrees.

For a more ergonomic position, you can vertically adjust the armrests up to 3 inches.

The thick seat cushion is made of high-density sponge that easily supports you without getting deformed. At 24 inches wide, it easily accommodates large hips.

The simple assembly only takes about 15 minutes and can easily be done by one person. 

Even though this chair doesn’t come with a warranty, there is an inexpensive, 5-year protection plan available.

Boliss Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Ergonomic


  • Ergonomic back
  • Seat cushion supports healthy blood circulation
  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Durable
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Easy assembly
  • 12-month maintenance service


  • Minimal adjustability 
  • Inadequate seat depth for some users

The Boliss chair provides ample room for wider hips with a 21.3 inch seat. It also has handy, space-saving features to be more functional in an office environment. 

The second chair on our list to support up to 500 pounds, it also has a durable, metal base and strong, smooth-rolling wheels.

A key feature on this chair is the flip-up armrests that allow you to slide the chair under your desk. Not only is this ideal for small workspaces, it also allows you more flexibility in your position.

The curved, mesh back is low-maintenance and breathable. It will keep you cool even when you’re working overtime.

Another favorite feature that users loved is the ease of assembly. Some noted that it was the simplest chair they had ever put together. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools.

Unlike our first pick, this chair doesn’t have an adjustable lumbar support, which could be a deterrent for some people. Users with extremely large hips and legs complained that the seat isn’t deep enough.

The Boliss comes with 12 months of free maintenance service to help with any issues that arise.

Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair – Best Premium Alternative


  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • High backrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Classic, executive style
  • Comfortable, faux leather
  • Easy assembly
  • 1-year warranty


  • Can be squeaky

People who love the classic look of a leather, executive chair but want an affordable option will love the Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair. Sporting a classy, faux leather finish, this chair perfectly fits into a professional environment. 

The 21.7 inch-wide foam seat cushion works well for men and women alike. An additional cushion on the front edge of the seat is a soft place to rest your legs. You won’t mind working an extra-long day with such plush support.

With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, this chair will easily hold most people. However, some users complained that it was a bit squeaky.

Two great features are the high, cushioned back and the adjustable lumbar support. People who need head and neck support will breathe a sigh of relief after relaxing back. The lumbar support will reduce strain on your lower back.

Even though the padded arms aren’t adjustable, users found them to be a comfortable height.

You’ll only have to spend about twenty minutes putting this chair together with the simple instructions and included tools. It comes with a 1-year warranty for worry-free use.

Buyer’s Guide

Ready to start shopping? Check out the key factors below to make sure you find the best chair for your needs.


First and foremost, you need to fit in the chair. By measuring your hips and weighing yourself, you can look at each model’s specifications and see if it will accommodate you.


No matter what size you are, comfort is critical. Look for generous padding made with high-quality materials.

Adjustable features

For a more ergonomic chair, adjustable features such as lumbar support and armrests can make a big difference in your posture and overall comfort. 

Only you know what your body needs, so take your time and make sure that your chair fits your priorities.


After looking at 5 office chairs that are made to fit wide hips, you now have several great options that fit different body types and budgets. 

If you need a chair of double-wide proportions, our top pick could be the one for you. For first-time buyers or people on a budget, the Big & Tall Office Chair 400lb is a steal. Whether you want mesh or luxurious leather, there is a chair out there for every taste.

Use the buyer’s guide above to aid you in your search and soon, your hips will be reveling in their newfound freedom.


[1] http://ergo.human.cornell.edu/AHTutorials/chairch.html