Why Does Lumbar Support Hurt My Back?

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Herman Miller Lumbar Support vs. PostureFit

If you are considering buying a Herman Miller Aeron chair, you have most likely encountered the two different lumbar support systems that are available.  You may have also asked yourself, “Should I get the Lumbar Support pad or the PostureFit?”. Back support is a crucial part of ergonomic chairs and a necessity for those who … Read more

How Long Do Ergonomic Chairs Last?

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Top 6 Best Writing Chairs (For Ergonomics)

Writers are known for spending long hours feverishly typing away at their desks. When they get inspired, nothing can pull them away from their work.  That means they are even more susceptible to aches and pains than the average office job that often requires more movement in between tasks. Ergonomic chairs are designed to promote … Read more

Why Are Ergonomic Chairs So Ugly? (Or Are They?)

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when some beholders agree that ergonomic chairs are ugly, perhaps it’s time to take another look and see for ourselves.  Ergonomic chairs can seem like overstuffed monstrosities with their excessive cushions, headrests, and multiple levers.  Add in designs that were meant for … Read more

6 Best Ergonomic Chairs For Short People

When you think of specialty office chairs, it’s easy to just think of the Big & Tall variety. But what about the people at the other end of the spectrum? If you have a petite build, it can be a struggle to find an ergonomic office chair with the proper dimensions [1] to fit your … Read more

How Much Are Ergonomic Chairs? Price Guide

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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Heavy People

Despite the variety of office chairs, most of them are still made for people of average size and weight. If you fall in the big and tall category, the search for a quality, comfortable chair can be a little more difficult.  That’s why we have compiled a list of six chairs that can accommodate the … Read more

What Is The Best Height For A Standing Desk?

Standing desks have become very popular in recent years, since so much data has come out about the harmful effects of excessive sitting [1]. Many people have found them to be beneficial to their physical health and productivity.  If you’re considering getting a standing desk or already have one, you may be wondering how high … Read more

Best Ergonomic Chairs Without Wheels

When we think of ergonomic office chairs, we usually picture them with wheels. After all, wheeled chairs offer freedom of movement, and they generally have more adjustable features.  However, what if you don’t want a chair that rolls all over the place? For some people, a chair that moves easily becomes more of an annoyance … Read more