Are Ergonomic Chairs Actually Better?

Introduction Ergonomics is a term that keeps growing in popularity. As concerns about repetitive stress injuries and other workplace related health issues grow, more people are taking an interest in the subject.  Ergonomics is also known as human factors. It is a scientific discipline that seeks to understand the interactions of humans and other elements … Read more

Top 5 best wireless mouse for large hands

You might be able to get away with occasionally using the wrong mouse size. But when most computer users are using their mouse almost three times as much as their keyboard [1], you could be setting yourself up for Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders [2] (WMSDs). If you have hands that are larger than average, here are … Read more

5 best office chairs for carpet [2022]

Providing insulation, slip-resistance, noise-reduction, underfoot comfort and even improved air quality [1], it’s easy to see why many workspaces opt for carpet floors. There might be a snag, though – literally. Depending on the carpet pile and your chair wheels (aka casters), carpet threads can get entangled and eventually be pulled out.  Other kinds of … Read more

What is the best ergonomic mouse for programmers? 5 good picks 

What is the best ergonomic mouse for programmers? 5 good picks  Programmers can spend from 8 to 10 hours in front of a computer everyday. For some, this can contribute to a host of health problems [1], including Repetitive Strain Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Long hours of using a subpar mouse for programming can … Read more

5 best dual monitor standing desks

Introduction You want to boost productivity while improving your ergonomic work environment. That’s why you’re looking at dual monitor standing desks.  These 5 best dual monitor standing desks will help you multitask like a boss without the problems typically caused by conventional desks [1]. FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk The FEZIBO Electric … Read more

Top 5 best armless office chairs with lumbar support

Introduction With all the known benefits of armrests, what possible advantage can be found in an armless office chair? The right armless office chair, especially one with lumbar support, has several upsides like space-efficiency and being easier on your pocket. In this article, you get to see the top 5 best armless office chairs with … Read more

Top 5 best reclining office chairs with footrest

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Top 3 best ergonomic gaming mice for small hands

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the more than 3 billion gamers worldwide [1].  But if you are a gamer with small hands, you probably have some challenges using the computer mice that other gamers swear by. If your gaming prowess is being compromised by hand cramps and poor positioning, you know … Read more