Best Office Chair for Large Person

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Typical office chairs are built to fit people who weigh up to 300 pounds and who are up to 6 feet in height.

Heavier and taller people have a greater body mass that may cause more discomfort from sitting in a chair that is not a good fit. 

With a larger surface area, bigger persons also experience more pressure points that can lead to increased pain. The reality is that heavier persons need to have the right size office chairs not just for comfort, but also to protect their bodies from long term health risks.

Here are the 5 best office chairs you may want to check out if you are a large person.

Steelcase Leap Plus 

The Steelcase Leap Plus has gone above and beyond in designing an office chair for a large person. This heavy duty chair provides support for users up to a very inclusive 500 lbs. 

The backrest comes with Live Back Technology that allows the back of the chair to follow the movements of the spine. The shape of the chair back changes to support your spine whenever you move, making this chair ergonomically suitable for spine protection. 

There are also slats in the back that make the chair breathable without compromising support.

Your personal comfort is enhanced by this chair’s telescoping arms. Both arms can freely and independently move up, down, in and out, back and forth and even pivot. There is no restriction on how you can adjust these Steelcase Leap Plus armrests to meet your individual needs.

Adjustability continues to be a feature with adjustable seat depth that allows you to find the best fit, according to your height. 

The colour options for the Steelcase Plus are black, barley, blue, grey, meadow and rouge, and they will allow you to sit in both comfort and style. This chair also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that replacement parts are free.


  • High weight capacity of 500 pounds 
  • Telescoping arms
  • Responsive back support


  • High price tag might be a deterrent

Airgrid Space Seating Office Chair

Thanks to the thick, soft polyurethane (PU) leather padded seat, comfort is assured in this Airgrid Space Seating Office Chair. 

Beneath the padding is standard block foam, that is fitting for light to moderate daily use. In addition to the seat comfort, the use of mesh material on the back adds another important aspect of comfort – that is, breathability

This Breathable Dark Air Grid back is durable and comes with non-adjustable, built-in lumbar support.

The one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment takes height across a range of 18.75″ to 23″. The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds. 

This height range along with the modest weight capacity, makes this chair ideal for people with long legs even if they are only of light to medium build. This chair also has a tilt and lock function but it only reclines to fifteen degrees. 

The Airgrid Space Seating chair has arms with independent height adjustability. The arms are also padded with soft PU leather. 

If you are an armrest user, you will appreciate both the comfort and ability to shift the height of the armrests to suit your body type. 

The seat also comes with a sculpted design that provides some ergonomic value with contours that fit your body’s natural shape.

Oversized dual-wheel carpet casters allow for 360 degree swivel action while protecting your carpet, and offering stability. 


  • Easy assembly
  • Breathable mesh 


  • Limited user range
  • PU upholstery
  • Reclines only to 15 degrees

Boss B991 Leatherplus

This chair provides support for users up to an impressive 400 pounds. Other office chairs typically use the standard 25″ base and casters, but the heavy duty Boss structure is supported by a wide, 27-inch steel base with large stabilising casters.  

The Boss is great for the big and tall person because of its 6″ adjustable height range. It also comes with built-in lumbar support that provides extra support for your lower back. 

The seat width of 22.5″ is also above the average seat width, which typically runs from 17 to 20 inches. This extra width is a valuable ergonomic feature for the large person.

A spring-tilt mechanism allows you to change the angle of the entire seat in relation to the floor so you can transfer some of your upper body weight to the backrest. This helps to make sitting for long hours a more active process rather than a static one that can cause sore muscles.

The armrests are not adjustable, but are padded and are ergonomically designed for long hours of comfortable use.  

And who says the large person shouldn’t sit in style? The Boss office chair is available in Classic Black, Bomber Brown, and Gray.


  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Above-average seat width


  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable

Safco Vue Mesh Extended Height Chair

The Safco Vue Mesh Extended-Height Chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It comes with height adjustment from 22″ to 32″ for the most appropriate and comfortable fit if you are tall.

The backrest will not be sweaty and hot since it features breathable mesh to keep you cool and supported. The chair back is also molded to offer support, adding to this chair’s ergonomic value.

The seat height is adjustable from 23″ to 33″ and the waterfall seat edge and an 18″  footrest ring may help avoid leg cramping.

This convenient footrest ring can be unscrewed to raise or lower the footrest to a height that’s just right for you. When you find the right footrest height, the knob can be tightened to ensure it stays in place right where you want it. 

The footrest does not move with the seat at all, and has a height range of 8 and 1/4″ to 16 and 3/4″ from the floor.

This means no more cramped calf muscles for those with long legs! 

A 5-point base and 360 degree swivel wheels are suitable for carpet as well as smooth surfaces, making this chair both hardy and versatile. 


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Height-adjustable chrome footrest ring
  • Mesh covered ergonomic seat and back


  • Low weight capacity 
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable

Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair

This high weight capacity chair is quite accommodating, as its weight capacity is 400 pounds. 

Your lower back will always feel supported because of the customizable lumbar support. Smooth-rolling casters and durable wheels are fit for the intense uses by persons in the heavier categories.

There is also a plus for comfort with the breathable mesh fabric. The black mesh back not only reduces heat and stickiness during long hours of sitting, but it also stretches to reduce pressure points. 

Less pressure points means less potential sources of pain and soreness after a long day’s work.

The armrests on the Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair are height-adjustable and are therefore able to provide customised support for your shoulders. 

The seat has 360-degree swivel action for making quick moves around your workstation, and the cushioned fabric seat facilitates all-day comfort. 

This chair has attained and even surpasses industry standards for safety and durability, and also comes with a limited 3-year warranty.


  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • Some customers report problems with packaging

Features of an Office Chair for Large Person

If you’re a large person, your search for a quality office chair cannot be approached as for the average office chair. 

Here are the key features you should be on the lookout for when considering an office chair for a large person.

Above-average weight capacity

Armed with the knowledge of how much you weigh, you should first examine the specifications of each chair you are interested in. That way you will find out if the chair’s weight capacity exceeds your weight (which it should!)

Strong frame

The more mass a chair has to deal with the greater friction it will face. That means chairs for large persons need stronger frames to resist extra wear and tear so they will last longer. Plus a strong frame feels safer to sit on.


With more pressure points, a bigger body needs more cushioning. Your next office chair needs to incorporate a high comfort level on the seat, back and armrests.  

Breathable material

Heavier people tend to get hot and sweat more easily. With this in mind, look for a chair which has materials and designs that increase airflow and keep temperatures low. 

Lumbar support

One consequence of extra body weight is more pressure on the spine. Lumbar support, whether built-in or customizable, will make the difference in preventing back problems.


Finding yourself in the category of a large person comes with a few challenges, like getting an office chair that really fits. When you consider the health benefits as well as the comfort an appropriate office chair offers, the search for just the right one is all worth it.