How Much Are Ergonomic Chairs? Price Guide

Do you get up from your desk satisfied after a long day’s work, then grab your neck or back and groan with pain? If so, you have probably Googled “ergonomic chairs” and wondered if there is one out there for you.  The idea behind ergonomic chairs is very appealing—furniture that’s designed to promote healthy posture … Read more

Are Office Chairs Bad for Carpet?

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Are Ergonomic Chairs Bad for Your Back?

With all the talk about ergonomics, there seems to be no going back from the trend. There are ergonomic chairs galore: some with arms, some without; some made with fabric, and others with mesh.  You will find ergonomic drafting chairs and still, others are called ergonomic active chairs.  Most seem to brag about the lumbar … Read more

How To Clean a Herman Miller Aeron Chair (DOs and DON’Ts)

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What Is The Best Height For A Standing Desk?

Standing desks have become very popular in recent years, since so much data has come out about the harmful effects of excessive sitting [1]. Many people have found them to be beneficial to their physical health and productivity.  If you’re considering getting a standing desk or already have one, you may be wondering how high … Read more

How to tell if a Herman Miller Aeron chair is authentic?

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How long do Herman Miller chairs last?

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How to Clean Steelcase Chairs or Desks

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What is Steelcase 3D knit? Is it better?

What is Steelcase 3D knit? Steelcase 3D knit refers to the upholstery fabric used to cover the chair backrest. 3D knit fabric differs from standard chair fabrics in that it is knitted (almost like a sweater), rather than woven like many chair fabrics.  Knit fabrics are made up of a single yarn, looped together to … Read more

How to Sit on Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

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