How Much Are Ergonomic Chairs? Price Guide

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Do you get up from your desk satisfied after a long day’s work, then grab your neck or back and groan with pain?

If so, you have probably Googled “ergonomic chairs” and wondered if there is one out there for you. 

The idea behind ergonomic chairs is very appealing—furniture that’s designed to promote healthy posture and make you more comfortable while you work. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, once you begin researching ergonomic chairs, you’ll discover that that term encompasses a broad range of models and price tags. If you’re wondering how much ergonomic chairs cost, then you’ll have to narrow down your search parameters to arrive at a specific number.

What is the average cost of ergonomic chairs?

There isn’t so much an average cost of ergonomic chairs as much as a range. They can cost anywhere from $100 to almost $2,000, depending on the brand, build quality, and features. 

Check out the table below for an idea of the cost “at a glance” for different quality tiers.

Budget tierMid tierTop tier
<$200$200 – $500$500 – $2000
Example chairs:

XISHE Ergonomic Chair
naspaluro Ergonomic Chair
FlexiSpot Ergonomic Mesh
Example chairs:

Steelcase Series 1
Branch Ergonomic Chair
Duramont Ergonomic Chair
Example chairs:

Herman Miller Aeron
Herman Miller Mirra 2
Steelcase Gesture

Herman Miller chairs like the Aeron and Mirra 2 are at the top of the price range, coming in at $1,625 and $1,345 respectively for the most popular models. 

Steelcase chairs are made by another top company and cost from $492 for the Series 1 all the way up to $1,036 for the Steelcase Gesture.

Branch is a respected company that makes quality chairs at the mid-range price point. Their top sellers cost from $250-$380.

Flexispot is known for innovation at affordable prices. Their chairs start as low as $100.

For a mid-grade ergonomic office chair, you can expect to pay from $200 to $500. Anything less than that, and you’ll be more likely to have problems like malfunctioning parts or worn upholstery. 

Also, cheaper chairs generally don’t come with a lengthy warranty, although that depends on the company. Flexispot offers a 3-year warranty with many of their products.

Why are quality ergonomic chairs so expensive?

If you’ve just looked up some ergonomic chairs and gone into sticker shock, don’t feel bad. There are good reasons why they cost so much.

First, consider again the goals of an ergonomic chair: 

  1. Promote healthy posture
  2. Conform to your body
  3. Make you productive and pain free 


You need a highly adjustable chair to fit your body type and build. In fact, adjustability is one of the most important features of a quality ergonomic chair. 

To achieve the ideal working position, you need to adjust the height, back, headrest if included, armrests, and the lumbar support if possible. Depending on your preferences, you may want to recline back farther, tilt and lock into position, or rock. 


If you are in the big and tall category, you’ll need a chair that is specifically built to support more weight and be more spacious.


High-quality chairs can last for years and some even come with a 12-year warranty. They are on the pricey side, but some people consider them a better investment than repeatedly buying a cheaper chair that eventually breaks down.


Above all, you want to be comfortable in the chair that you use everyday. Very inexpensive chairs often have less padding and lower grade fabric that can wear out more quickly. They also have fewer adjustable features than more costly chairs. 

Are ergonomic chairs worth the price?

This is the question hovering in the back of your mind while looking at all the different models. The answer? It depends. It depends on your unique needs. Below are several things you need to consider before hitting “Buy.”


Determining whether a chair is worth the cost greatly depends on your budget. For some people, it’s worth it to spend $1,600 on a Herman Miller Aeron chair. They see it as a sound investment that pays off over time and benefits their health. For others, that’s an exorbitant price and a more affordable alternative is a practical choice. 

Overall Quality

When spending hundreds of dollars on a chair, it should be strong and well made. For larger users, it’s especially important that a chair can hold the required amount of weight. 

The upholstery should be durable with strong stitching that doesn’t come apart in the first month. Caster wheels should be sturdy and roll smoothly across any surface, or there should be a second set to use when changing from floor to carpet.


How much will you use the chair? If you will be spending 8-10 hours per day in it, then it may be worth your while to pay a bit more for one that you know will do everything you need.

For light use, you can get away with a less expensive chair that won’t have so much demand put on it.


As stated before, adjustability is necessary to make a chair fit your body. 

More expensive chairs include more adjustable features. People with chronic pain and certain physical conditions may have very specific needs when it comes to being in a seated position.

If you have a preference in materials, that can also affect the cost. 

Plush leather that is used on classic executive chairs can be more expensive than traditional fabric. Mesh can be found in all price ranges, but there are different types. Some flex and naturally support your movements, while others can feel hard or scratchy. 


Most ergonomic office chairs come with some type of warranty. Herman Miller and Knoll offer impressive 12-year warranties, while others range from 1- to 5-year warranties. 

A longer warranty gives greater peace of mind when purchasing, and may be worth the higher cost if the chair will be heavily used. 

Pain Relief

For people who suffer from daily pain, a chair that can relieve that can seem miraculous and worth any cost. When it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, a more expensive chair can be an investment that pays off every day for years to come. 

Do budget ergonomic chairs exist?

Yes. If your heart is set on a Herman Miller chair but not the hefty price, then a used one may be the solution. They range from $520 to $1,039. There are also very good Aeron alternatives on the market that are priced as low as $400. 

Many people are very happy with chairs in the middle price range that are less than $500. These combine comfort, features, and affordability.

If you’re a gamer on a budget, there are comfortable chairs for under $200 that could be the answer.

Final thoughts

When buying an ergonomic chair, be prepared to pay more than the average office chair from Wal-Mart. You are looking for a specialty product designed for specific benefits such as improved posture and productivity with less pain. 

Ergonomic chairs can cost anywhere from $100 to almost $2,000. Mid-range chairs usually range from $200-$500, and many people are happy with those. For people on a budget, companies like Flexispot offer chairs as low as $100 that are well-made and comfortable. A variety of brands can be found on Amazon.

The chair’s price depends on the manufacturer, build quality and materials, features, and warranty. Some people feel that spending over $1,000 is a good investment into their health. Others prefer to go with one under $500 that still offers a lot of value and adjustability.

Ultimately, ergonomic chairs can cost as much or as little as you want. Each person must consider their budget, usage, physical condition, and the features of the chair to determine what price is worth paying.