Is Steelcase Series 2 worth it? [office chair review]

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Looking to invest more in a more comfortable office chair and have your sights on the Steelcase Series 2? 

It can be daunting to pick from the dizzying array of chair options, so in this post we’ll help you determine whether the Steelcase Series 2 chair may be a good fit for your needs.

We’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks of the Steelcase Series 2 office chair as well as provide additional information that may help inform your decision. 

Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair Review

The Steelcase Series 2 is an ergonomic office chair that is in high demand among home-based and office workers. It is a mid-tier, high-performance chair that offers a variety of adjustment options.


  • Adjustable to your needs, with an adjustable seat height, lumbar support, recline tension and armrests 
  • Dynamic support as you lean back via weight-activated tilt mechanism 
  • Flexible seat edge to relieve thigh pressure
  • Breathable mesh backrest


  • Limited recline options – not possible to limit the recline or lock at a particular recline level (other than upright)
  • Basic lumbar support that only adjusts vertically, no depth adjustment possible
  • Can be difficult to disassemble and return according to some users 


Adjustable Seat Height & Depth

Seat depth can be adjusted within a range of 2.5 inches, allowing the seat to be positioned forward as well as backward to accommodate a variety of leg lengths.

The height of the seat can be modified by a pneumatic system within a range of 5 inches. Maintain an upward grasp on the handle when seated to lower. Keep your weight off the chair and grab the handle directly above you to raise yourself.

Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adjusting the height of the optional 3.75-inch lumbar allows you to match the curvature of your back while still offering extra back support. The lumbar support’s visible tabs can be used to change the position of the support.

Highly Adjustable Armrests

One component that shines compared to alternative chairs are the armrests on the Steelcase Series 2. 

In this chair, the armrests have a greater level of adjustability than you often find, with other chairs often only allowing height adjustment of the armrests.

In order to give additional back, neck and shoulder support, the armrests can be raised, lowered, and rotated. Each one may be adjusted by 4″ in height, 2.25″ in breadth, and 30 in any direction. 

Comfort Modes

Three different comfort modes or recline levels can be selected using the comfort dial, which was designed to accommodate the specific seating preferences of each individual user. 

These comfort modes are an upturned rear lock, a complete seat back with weight-activated tension, and a full recline with weight-activated tension and boost. An upright back lock is the default comfort mode.

Flexible and dynamic back support 

The mesh backrest flexes to accommodate your movements and effectively support your particular body type. As mentioned, there is also a weight-activated tilt mechanism that provides dynamic tension as you recline.

What We Like

While not adjustable as some of the other ergonomic chairs we’ve looked at, the Steelcase Series 2 chair still has a decent range of adjustment options. 

In particular, the armrests and seat height and depth. Other lower tier chairs often only consider height or vertical adjustment when it comes to these two components, so it’s nice that Steelcase has considered multi-directional adjustment here.

The breathable mesh backrest also helps avoid becoming hot and sweaty while working. Also, this material is flexible and adapts well to different body types, which could be helpful if you’re concerned about whether the chair will accommodate your particular build. 

What We Don’t Like

We aren’t a huge fan of how Steelcase has implemented the recline system in this chair. There is no option to lock the recline at a preferred level or to limit the amount of recline possible.

Furthermore, some users have complained they don’t find the recline function comfortable or ergonomic. In particular, some users find there is a gap between their lower back and the chair when reclining that puts unnecessary pressure on their lower back. 

One other gripe users report is the difficulty associated with taking it apart again if you want to return it. Apparently, this can sometimes be challenging compared to other chair models.

Finally, unlike some premium ergonomic chairs, the Steelcase Series 2 has a relatively basic lumbar support. It has no way to modify depth, which is something you might find important if you’re looking for top of the line back support.

That said, only adjusting the lumbar support vertically is fairly standard, so it’s probably unfair for the chair to lose points because of this. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Steelcase Series 2

What kind of material is used for the wheels on the hard floor? Are they “rollerblade” style or anything else?

The material that is used is a soft dual-wheel caster, and it enables smooth movement on carpeted surfaces as well as hard floors. 

Soft casters function similarly to roller skate wheels in that they stop something from rolling away and damaging the floor below it. They are designed to function more effectively when utilized on hard floors such as wood or when a plastic chair mat is in use.

What differentiates the Steelcase Series 2 from the Steelcase Series 1?

Both series have a weight capacity of 400 pounds and share the same types of adjustments such as adjustable arms, seat height, seat depth, and weight-activated settings. 

In the Series 1 chairs, the arms are integrated into the back frame, and the back is composed of back flexors, lumbar support, and mesh. 

In the Series 2, they are positioned on the seat pan, and the back is created with Air LiveBack technology, which functions through a novel geometric design that flexes in two dimensions as the user moves to produce responsive, individualized comfort and fit.

Is it possible to acquire wheels designed for wood floors as opposed to carpet wheels?

When purchased from an authorized dealer, a Steelcase Series 2 chair’s order can be customized to include wheels suitable for use on hard floors.

Is this chair easy to clean?

Yes, check out our quick guide on how to clean Steelcase chairs for more information.


If you’re a little lukewarm on the Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, then there are a number of alternatives you may want to consider.

If you’re still keen on the Steelcase brand, check out our selection of other Steelcase chairs and guide on which stair Steelcase chair might suit you.

Also check out this video that does a great job job of comparing the most popular Steelcase chairs:

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

This mid-tier chair really shines in the adjustability department.  

It allows users to lock in your preferred angle of reclining at ANY degree, as well as Adjusting seat height, and lumbar height and depth.

With this approach, you will have a far better chance of finding a comfortable seating posture that is tailored specifically to your needs. This durable chair is perfect for completing a variety of tasks. 

This one has a load capacity of 330 pounds and is built from high-quality materials, including a soft-cushioned seat, strong arm and headrests, and rollerblade caster wheels that allow free movement over the office floor. 

You can read our longer review of this chair here.

ErgoRo Ergonomic Office Chair

The ErgoRo Executive Chair features a backrest in the shape of an S, which ergonomically conforms to the contours of the spine. 

You can maintain a centered and upright posture thanks to the backrest’s curved edges, which are designed to hug your sides and provide a snug fit. The chair not only leans backward but also has three different reclining settings that can be locked in place.

FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair 

The waist and back curve is flexibly accommodated by the chair’s mesh back, enabling you to keep a relaxed posture even after working for several hours. Users find it does a good job alleviating muscle tiredness and distributing pressure throughout the body.

Final verdict: is the Steelcase Series 2 worth it?

For a medium price point ergonomic chair, the Steelcase series 2 delivers decent value for most users.

Whilst not as adjustable as other middle tier options (like the Duramont Ergonomic Chair), it still has a comprehensive range of adjustment options. This allows you to adapt it to your particular body and preferences.

The breathable and flexible backrest is a nice feature that we feel Steelcase got right as well.

That said, the slightly awkward recline functionality and basic lumbar support mean this chair is not one of our favorites.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preferences, but we hope this article has helped to highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of this chair.

Thanks for reading!