The Best Silent Ergonomic Mouse: 3 Top Picks

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Do you share office space with others or enjoy covert late-night sessions of your favorite PC game?

Incessant clicks of the mouse can be a distraction for yourself and others.

Here, we’ll look at three great options for working and playing in silence, and also break down what you may want in a silent ergonomic mouse.

My Recommendations for the Best Silent Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech M590

The Logitech M590 is a great option for those who want an ergonomic and silent mouse with wireless connectivity.

The mouse has a small form factor, with a contour for the thumb to allow a better grip.

The M590 body features a sturdy plastic material and rubber layer on the edges for more comfortable handling. This rubber has a matte texture that absorbs sweat.

This compact mouse provides housing for a receiver and requires AA batteries to work. Just open the underside to install the battery and store the receiver.

A single AA battery can power the unit for over three months of intensive use because the mouse deactivates automatically when not in use. You also get a power cord in the packaging.

Fitted in the mouse is a scroll button with two left and right sliding functions plus two thumb buttons.

A connectivity replacement button at the back allows connection to two devices simultaneously via the receiver and Bluetooth.

The unit’s Logitech Flow feature allows moving data from a PC to a laptop, for example, simply by moving the cursor to the end until it gets to the other screen.

Install the recommended Logi application to activate Logitech Flow and customize the functions of the buttons.

Button clicks are quiet enough, and Logitech claims the click sound is over 90% less than alternative models.

The Logitech M590 is an excellent choice for office use with a 1,000-DPI sensor, and the agile scroller requires less force from the user.

VEGCOO C10 Silent Wireless Mouse

This VEGCOO is another good pick for those who appreciate a bit of flair! 

Sporting cool LED lighting with various available colors, this mouse adds a bit of personality to any setup.

The mouse offers soundless clicking on all buttons, allowing you to work or play without bothering others.

For those who need precise cursor movement, the sensitive optical sensor technology is another feature that would come in handy.

A 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity ensures a stable connection between your computer and the USB receiver.

The VEGCOO changes into seven different color schemes randomly, creating a fantastic gaming atmosphere.

However, the LED lighting in the mouse is soft, so it’s not a distraction for you or others. The best thing is turning off the light if you do not want it.

The C10 boasts an environmentally friendly built-in lithium rechargeable battery that charges every time you plug in the cable. You never have to worry about running out of power.

An auto-sleep mode helps conserve battery life, while adjustable DPI settings make the mouse perfect for gamers and other computer users.

VEGCOO C10 has a cozy material, a natural curve, and a medium-size design, so you get a comfortable feeling without hurting or tiring your hand.

A thumb-side button lets you turn back or forward pages easily.

This C10 mouse is compatible with most devices, including Mac computers.

Scettar Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Scettar gaming mouse boasts soundless clicking technology for both right and left buttons, so you can work or play without disturbing others.

A multi-stage power-saving mode brings you an auto-sleep function that kicks in after eight minutes of inactivity. Reactivate by pressing any button, and the unit is ready to work.

The Scettar mouse features a 2.4 G advanced wireless technology for stable connectivity, precise tracking, and fast transmission.

With a 4-meter working distance, the mouse eliminates dropouts, delays, and interference.

Get three levels of DPI adjustments at 2,400, 1,600, and 800 to meet your high precision requirements.

The mouse has seven soothing LED light colors that help create a pleasant atmosphere, especially while gaming.

Illuminated lighting makes the mouse cool, but you cannot customize the colors nor turn the feature off.

Inside, the mouse boasts a rechargeable battery that promises prolonged use. Charge the unit with the charging cable in the package.

The Scettar mouse has a unique iron plate design along its bottom for easy maneuvering.

You can pair this mouse with computers and laptops using the USB port. The unit supports Mac systems, Windows 7, 8, and 11, and all Scettar products.

This silent mouse is stylish and attractive, making it a gorgeous option for your gaming setup.

Get the mouse with a one-year free care warranty, and you also get a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it.

The Scettar wireless is an excellent budget solution if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Make sure you check out our guide to the best three ergonomic gaming mice.

What Makes a Mouse Silent?

A silent mouse can reduce click noises by over 90%, depending on the model.

Let’s look at a few design features to look out for if this is important to you.

Quiet Switches

The switch is the component inside a mouse which activates a “click”.

The best silent mouse products feature rubber coating within their switch design, which reduces sounds generated by the plastic switch components.

Internal “Plastic Ribs”

The mouse’s interior design can be a big factor in noise levels, since it acts as an echo chamber that amplifies sounds.

Mice that have an inward curve or “ribbed” design reduce the interior space, and therefore reduce the sound amplification.

Gliding Feet

Normal mice make a clunking sound when lifting and placing back down on the desk.

Using a mouse pad can reduce the noise significantly, but a mouse with plastic lumber gliding feet can also dampen the noise. 

Mouse feet are the slightly raised, smooth fixtures underneath which help your mouse glide smoothly over your mouse pad or desk surface.

While the noise doesn’t go away completely, the feet help make mice noticeably quieter than your standard mouse.

What Makes a Mouse Ergonomic?

An ergonomic mouse helps reduce the strain of muscles and discomfort.

The right mouse may help prevent injuries such as tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain from these injuries can be excruciating and get worse if you use a computer daily.

Let’s look at a few critical things to consider when shopping for an ergonomic mouse.

Vertical or Traditional

Traditional ergonomic mice position the hand like a regular mouse, and your hand remains flat.

A vertical mouse positions your hand in a handshake position, taking pressure off the wrist and forearm.

However, if you don’t enjoy getting used to new devices, you may want to opt for the standard model.

Scroll Positioning

An ergonomic mouse may use traditional finger-operated scrolling or let you use the thumb.

Thumb scrolling means your wrist and fingers move less, which may lead to a more comfortable experience for you.

However, using the thumb scrolling option requires an adjustment period before it may feel as natural.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Silent Ergonomic Mouse

There are multiple things to consider when looking for a silent ergonomic mouse.

We’ve identified the following critical factors to compare one mouse to another.

Wired or Wireless

Both interface types offer benefits and drawbacks.

A wireless mouse provides more placement freedom compared to a wired mouse. However, wireless mice require constant charging or changing batteries.

A wireless unit may also have slower response times, and an increased risk of connectivity issues.


You need the right size of a mouse to fit your hand for comfortable handling.

Devices with an ergonomic design and thumb support are an excellent choice for overall comfort.

Also, choose a mouse that fits your preferred hand. For example, a left-handed mouse is more comfortable than a right-handed unit if you are left-handed.


A critical consideration for a mouse is its sensitivity, which is a measure in Dots Per Inch (DPI).

The distance the cursor moves across the screen when moving the mouse is DPI. Measurements range from 500 to 2,500, but I’ve come across some exceptions in various models.

A low DPI means you must move the mouse further to get the cursor moving further across the screen, while a high DPI means a slight movement is all that’s required to move the cursor at the same distance.

Shaky hands will make the cursor dance all over the screen with little control.

A wide DPI range, especially for gaming, offers better precision control of the mouse.


Bare minimum buttons on a mouse are right and left buttons and a scrolling wheel.

Some models have additional buttons for changing DPI sensitivity, page forward, and page back.

A high-end mouse provides the ability to program the buttons for multiple custom functions.


The interval between moving your mouse and the movement occurring on the screen is polling.

Hertz (Hz) is the polling measurement and will range from 125 Hz to 1,000 Hz.

There is some lag time difference between the extremes, but they are not noticeable unless you’re in the middle of an intense gaming environment.

Don’t confuse polling for a wireless mouse’s frequency rating—the radio frequency a mouse uses for transmitting and receiving signals.

Build Quality

Another critical factor to consider before purchasing a silent ergonomic mouse is build quality.

You don’t want to purchase a mouse that breaks after a few months. Therefore, ensure that product is sturdy enough to last.

Grip Style

Think about how you hold a mouse.

There are three ways:

  • Palm grip—Your palm rests on the mouse completely and comfortably. However, you can’t click the mouse fast. 
  • Claw grip—The fingertips and some parts of your hand rest on the mouse, offering greater control and faster clicking. 
  • Finger grip—Only your fingertips are on the mouse. This method is the most uncomfortable but provides more control. 

Check out this tutorial on mouse grip styles for more. 


Last, we should consider the budget.

Opting for an expensive silent mouse doesn’t guarantee you are getting the best quality.

Your budget determines how narrow or wide your search is. It will narrow down the list to a few models.


The best silent ergonomic mouse is a satisfying and reliable gadget to add to your collection and will assist you while working or gaming.

I hope you find the right mouse from the above list with the best silent and ergonomic features on the market.